Animus - Ethos Plastic - Driver from Thought Space Athletics

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The Animus is a high-performance distance driver with a stable flight pattern. It handles torque well when thrown by experienced players, but does not have so much fade that it is unmanageable by recreational players who need a more stable driver in their bag. We like to think of it as an Innova Wraith with a touch more stability. 

When naming the Animus we looked to the Latin definition meaning Spirit, Mind.

Behind the design:

The "Bananimus" design was a created as a continuation of our first run Ethos Animus design, the Ape. Fans have long called that design the Bananimus and we felt we had a duty to our fans to create a true Bananimus design. This time, the banana bites back, nods to the original design can be found in this stamp as the face is based off an ape skull with a small bite being taken out of the top, this is one angry banana. 


Flight numbers

11 | 5 | 0 | 2